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Our Management

Surabhi Laxman Rao

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Surabhi Laxman Rao is the Chairman of the Bridge Group. He has been the pivotal force behind the success of the company, endeavouring to establish the company as a forerunner in the Construction and Real Estate development sector of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh States.

Mr. Laxman Rao’s steadfast experience in the construction field led the company to build around 10 different apartment projects, including prime and luxury flats.

With his management skills and judicious decision-making abilities, he has created a strategic vision for Bridge Group, that has progressed from a small construction firm to a strong and capable housing development company, creating properties that have proven to be envious hubs of happiness for everyone.

S. Ujwal Rao


Mr. Ujwal Rao hails from the second generation of a highly distinguished class of entrepreneurs from the construction arena. A Graduate in Engineering he was enrolled as a Director in the company in 2017. His understanding of new management concepts and contemporary business models brings fresh perspectives to the day to day operations of Bridge Group. With a modern and scientific outlook in infra business, Mr. Ujwal plays a pivotal role in the planning and execution of projects while constantly imbibing business values from senior partners of the company.

Mr. Ujwal Rao has been part of every project that the company undertook, including development and plotting of large parcels of land, and construction of several multi-storeyed residential buildings, both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He also oversees a major part of the administration of the company and contributes immensely to almost every function of the enterprise.

His experience with these projects and his visionary outlook of business and management are some of the most important traits of his profile which considerably strengthen the Bridge Group.

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